I seriously almost didn’t run this morning. I got up an hour later than I should have, and it took like 20 minutes of whining for me to go and do it.

Damn it was hard. 5.2 miles again, but this time with sore back/legs from lifting.

Tomorrow is only 3 miles though, so that will be okay. Then we’re going to a WNBA game tomorrow night, to see the Lynx :)

My long run is Saturday- 7 miles- and I’m buying a water bottle belt thing because NONE OF THE BUBBLERS IN MINNEAPOLIS ARE WORKING (which is bullshit).

  1. leaveitallonthefield said: Bubblers..oh boy :P
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    Thanks! It’s my first week of training for my half, so I’m cutting back my lifting to 3 times a week. It’s just not...
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    Wow! It’s a bitch to run and lift, but you make it look fabulous! Best part: that someone else calls them BUBBLERS!!!!!!...
  4. scraynes said: I’m proud of you even though I don’t know you
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